Santana vs. Schilling

Looked forward all day to last night's pitching match-up--only to realize I had a meeting last night of the Fertile Veteran's Memorial Committee. I watched some of the game after I got home, but shut it off and went to bed before Kubel hit his grand slam. So, I sort of whiffed. That would have been a great game to sit through from start to finish.

Santana and Schilling are two of the best pitchers in baseball. Such a duel reminds me of the late seventies when there were so many good starting pitchers and the teams would line up their best pitchers to go against each other. Ferguson Jenkins vs. Bert Blyleven. Jerry Koosman vs. Ron Guidry. Catfish Hunter vs. Nolan Ryan.

The difference is back then, pitchers were allowed to pitch longer. Blyleven pitched hundreds of complete games in his career, and as he is fond of saying, "I didn't blow up."

So, the fun kind of went out of the game for me when the managers pulled both Santana and Schilling after eight innings. It seems like that amounts to running up the white flag. Let 'em duel it out to the finish, I say, like a couple of heavyweight boxers.

After the game, Tony Batista was told that his days with the Twins are done. The Twins will likely have to eat his $2 million salary. But they needed to get rid of him sooner or later. Better sooner than later.