Another good New Yorker

Lance has been in New York for the past month studying art. It has taken some getting used to for him, living in Manhattan, but things seemed to be going fine--until last night. We were talking on the phone while Lance was taking a cab ride from his studio back to the living quarters. As he got out of the cab and it drove away, he realized his wallet was still on the back seat of the cab.

What a feeling. I did the same thing in Cambridge, England, and I never saw the wallet again. Fortunately, I didn't have credit cards and I still had my passport for identification. All I lost was an expired driver's license and about thirty pounds sterling.

However, Lance had credit cards, all his money, the key card to his room and his only ID in the wallet. I really thought it was going to be a thorny problem just getting him on the plane home.

Well, this morning, his credit card company called. The next passenger in the cab was a nice woman, a broker at Goldman Sachs, who called the credit card company. The card company told her where Lance was, and she hand-delivered the wallet to the door of his dormitory and chided him for his long hair--his driver's license picture shows him with a buzz cut. Now his hair is long, and she barely recognized him.

Relief! And once again, my faith in New Yorkers has been renewed.

I am flying out on Friday to spend a few days with Lance in New York and with friends in Jersey before flying home. I'd really like to take that woman out for dinner.