Jersey shore

With the temperatures reaching the mid-nineties in central New Jersey, we headed out to the shore like the people of New York and New Jersey have for a couple of hundred years.

We weren't the only ones with the idea. On the shore, the temperature was 80 degrees. For as far as the eye could see north and south, the shore was packed with people. It cost seven dollars to get a bracelet which allowed you on the beach. Parking was a bit of a trick.

Above are Lance, Teresa and Annika as we waited for Mark to park the car. A little while after this photo was taken, a seagull pooped in Teresa's hair.

The waves were up. Young kids were surfing. Lance, Mark and Annika played in the waves. Teresa stayed on shore and guarded the wallets. I finally got rid of my camera and played in the waves a little, although the Atlantic was 61 degrees today.

Lance falls into the cold water when hit by a big wave.