Lance and I took the train from New Jersey into Manhattan today. That meant we were with the commuters on packed train. We stood for over an hour. Then, we took the subway from Penn Station up to 110th Street to see the largest cathedral in the world, St. John the Divine.

I will post pictures from the cathedral later. I took over 280 pictures today. Most were worthless, but there were enough interesting ones to keep this weblog busy for a while. Above is an apartment building on 110th Street that I thought looked intriguing.

After the Cathedral, we took a trek through Central Park, which is particularly beautiful this time of year.

This is one of the drivers of the many horse-drawn carriages which carry tourists through the park.

Can you imagine dressing up to go out in New York only to discover your eyewear on a horse?

The trees in Central Park were planted in the 1860s and are beautifully mature. Yet, the skyscrapers tower above them. You can get far enough into the park so the city noises are barely audible, yet you can suddenly look up and see evidence that you are in the middle of one of the world's great cities.

I focused the camera on this beautiful poster of the statue of liberty for a long time before it started to move and I realized it was on the side of a bus.

This gargoyle is guarding an apartment building on 110th St.