One thing which helped me appreciate the art of Picasso was to challenge myself to guess the name of the picture before I looked at the placard of to the side of the painting. A few times, I actually succeeded. So, when Lance and I came upon the Cubists at the MoMA, we decided to try the same thing. This is not a Picasso, but it is in the same spirit. It is by the artist Karl Schmidt-Rottluff and was painted in 1912. Schmidt-Rottluff has been described as an Expressionist painter, whatever that is, but this painting looks Cubist to me.

See if you can guess the title before you read on.

This sort of painting makes sense to me. It takes obvious talent. It breaks down elements of a scene and recombines them. It grabbed me more than the horse painting did, to be sure.

Lance took one look at the picture and said, "the three Wise Men!" I said that sounded good.

We were wrong, but not by much. The painting is entitled "The Pharisees."