Visiting the Hilton

Today was a scheduled visit to Aunt Olla at the Fertile Hilton. As is customary, the agenda was set ahead of time and only gradually revealed to me during the course of the visit.

First, there were some articles and letters for me to read. Included was an article written by a vitamin doctor Olla patronizes via mail, Julian Whittaker. He wrote that one beer a day was good for a person. Olla hoped that I would include this in my weblog, especially in light of her getting carded while trying to buy beer at the Pizza Hut last month. I think she was hoping that everybody who had lost faith in her due to the beer purchase would think she was only doing it for her health.

In fact, Olla's mother, at her doctor's urging, drank a case of beer during her pregnancy with Olla. We figure that is why she turned out the way she did.

But--this evening Olla called saying that I shouldn't quote the letter directly for reasons of plagiarism. Then she said, just skip it--we wouldn't want somebody to become hooked on booze because they read on the weblog that one beer per day was a good source of dietary silicon.

So, you didn't read it here. And don't anybody go printing this out and mailing it to Olla, either!

Anyway, next on the agenda was a trip to the gardens outside the nursing home. Many of the plantings were done by my Grandpa, Olla's brother Melvin. Olla goes out there to sit on the bench each day, and she wanted me to see what it was like. Indeed, it was beautiful and quiet.

After that, we went to the post office, the used clothing store, the grocery store, the Fertile Journal, the hardware store and the cafe. In and out of the pickup several times. Olla is more agile than she has been in many years. I think it is due to all the exercise she gets at the Hilton.