Twins roll

Wow. Liriano pitched as usual, Mauer had five hits and the Twins pounded the Dodgers 9-2. The Twins have won fifteen out of their last seventeen games--without moving up in the standings one inch, since both the Tigers and the White Sox have compiled the same record.

Well, I don't care. It doesn't matter if the Twins make the playoffs. They are going to be fun to watch this season no matter what. Santana pitches tomorrow at noon.

MY PROJECT for the past few days has been clearing brush and sawing down box elder and ash which have grown up amidst a long row of silver maple planted by Grandpa over sixty years ago. The maples have always formed a wall at the south end of our yard. Now they are getting old and grand, and I want to see their trunks. The row runs about 150 yards, and if I get everything cleared I think it will look grand.

This project makes me want to retire and do nothing but projects like clearing brush. And reading. And writing. But spare me answering the phone and dealing with the public. I want to hide.

Of course, after a long winter, I am ready to deal with the public again and would be lost without a busy season to look forward to.