More NYC pictures

A friend of mine once said you could stand on any given street corner in New York City for twenty-four hours an not be bored. Exhausted, maybe, but never bored. Here are some pictures I took from a single spot near Columbus Circle at the southwest corner of Central Park.

These two towers would dominate the skyline of most other cities; in New York, they are two of literally hundreds of impressive skyscrapers. One reason there are so many skyscrapers in Manhattan is that the island amounts to exposed bedrock. You couldn't build a single skyscraper in Fargo because there is no bedrock available--just hundreds of feet of muck. I think the Radisson in Fargo is the biggest building you could build around here, and that required them to sink columns several hundred feet down.

A tram driver awaits business on Columbus Circle.

You don't see this sort of hair in Northwestern Minnesota. Let's see what we can do about that.