Long summer days

At ten o'clock this evening, there was still light in the northwest. By five o'clock tomorrow morning, there will be light in the northeast.

In the past, I have felt frustration at not being able to drink in June. Everything grows so fast. There is so much to get done just to keep ahead of the growth, one doesn't have time to enjoy the green and the sunshine and the birds.

Well, I am no longer frustrated. I feel I am fully enjoying this time of year. It has to do, in part, with getting older. One is not so restless. You realize you're never going to get everything done, anyway. It also has to do with this house, which lets the outdoors in.

AND it helps that the Twins are on an impossible roll, the best stretch they have had since June of 1991, if my memory is correct. Fifteen out of sixteen! How can a Twins fan not be in heaven?

Leo is following Brazil's quest for the World Cup of soccer. Brazil plays France on Saturday. Brazil is the favorite to win it all, although the competition is tough. Fortunately, the Cup games are on television so Leo can partake in Brazil's national sport from the Swamp.

Next week is the Fertile (Polk County) Fair. The fair is a busy time. We haul in all sorts of plants and Dot decorates the log cabin with a different theme every year. This year, it is "Birds and Butterflies." (My "Birds and the Bees" proposal didn't fly.)