Screw up

Got a nasty call this morning by somebody infuriated at my column on the lake. That was somewhat confusing, since I wrote the column two years ago. Like any satire, it stirred up reactions both good and bad, and I was sort of glad that the whole thing had settled down.

So, I wondered, why did the Grand Forks paper reprint it this morning? Didn't they like the column I sent them? Why did they pick the lake one out of all of the old columns? Just to make my day?

The little mystery slowly unraveled. After assuming that the email of my actual column didn't go through, I figured out that the editor at the Herald had told me a while back that she wasn't getting those emails for some reason, and that she was taking the column directly off the website.

I had forgotten to post the column on the website. In the meantime, I started editing some of the old columns posted on the website in preparation for a new book. I discovered that editing a column moved it to the top of the list. I had edited the lake column, and it went right to the top--where the editor picked it up and ran it. It was completely my fault, and now I am sort of not liking to hear the phone ring.

The column was satire. I thought that was clear from the beginning. And I think the guy who called this morning had deeper issues than a column. In his rage, he spouted that he hadn't talked to his parents for 30 years and had worked for every dime he had and didn't have parents to hand him a nursery--and on and on.

Well, no wonder.