Stone peddler

A sort of offbeat peddler stopped by this morning at opening with an old van. He was wanting to sell some stuff out of his old van--burnt wood tabletops. I wasn't too impressed with the wood burning, but this rock really caught my eye. He said it was for sale, so I bought it. It is fieldstone carved by a friend of his whose name is...Stone. I decided to make the purchase despite the murky provenance of the piece.

Joe pointed me toward this beautiful daylily. Daylilies look edible, and they are. Not that they taste good.

The pond looked serene tonight.

Aunt Olla called today. The dahlia in her window at the Fertile Hilton had stopped blooming, so she wondered if I would replace it with a begonia. That was a good excuse to run to town.

Olla's still wondering if people have been commenting on the story, reprinted here, of her ordering a beer at the Pizza Hut and getting carded at age 94. Of course, she is worried that the entire countryside is scandalized and that her reputation is gone. I assured her that everybody at the cafe is convinced she's gone down the tubes.

Then she said that she's been praying for rain and for the first time in her life, it hasn't worked. I pointed out the possible connection with the beer incident.

Sometimes people do actually spread gossip, believe it or not.

Brother Joe was asked to do a musical show at the end of the month. Well, he has travel plans for that time, so he said, "I am not sure I'll still be around then."

Four days later, a lady pulled me aside at the fair and asked in hushed tones, "Is it true that Joe only has a month to live?"