Dog days

It rained for five minutes today, and only very lightly. Wherever machinery has worked, the ground is covered in dust. We need a good soaker. Or two.

The temptation in this hot weather is to stay inside. Instead, I went out and cut wood. I don't notice the heat until I shut off the chainsaw and realize I am drenched. Today's highlight was the felling of a giant dead ash tree right where I wanted it to fall. Of course, it was leaning in the direction to begin with, but it still is satisfying to watch it crash to the ground.

Got a new chain on the chainsaw today. It is like buying new shoes. You put it off and put it off and then when you finally make the purchase, you wonder why you didn't do it sooner. With the new chain, the saw goes through oak like a hot knife through butter.

Spent the entire day looking forward to watching Liriano pitch tonight, so it wasn't at all surprising that he didn't do well. His face looked tired in the dugout before he started to pitch. Can't imagine why, after he spent the last three days on airplanes, first to go home to the Dominican Republic for the All Star break, then to be called back to join the All Star team when another pitcher was dropped from the American League team, then back to the Twin Cities--they should have started Radke instead. He went fishing for three days.

During the game, I was lured into watching CNN a little while by the drama going on in the Mideast. Things are pretty sobering over there right now. I have no expertise and few opinions on the Mideast. I just hope we don't get dragged in deeper than we are already.

If the region exploded, I don't suppose we wouldn't jump in right away--we don't have enough people in uniform. But eventually, something horrible would likely happen--a Pearl Harbor type incident--which would crystalize American public opinion enough to permit the reinstatement of the draft.

And then we would be in deep. Unlike World War II, we wouldn't have to merely defeat two totalitarian regimes. If we take this one on--and I suppose we already have--we will have to defeat a form of religion to win. I am not so sure how you do that.

The news, it seems, just gets more glum.

Cut wood, watch baseball.