Two days at The Lake

Yesterday was probably the hottest day of the year, although today couldn't have been far behind. It was an opportune weekend to have two invitations to visit lake homes.

So yesterday Lance and I set out to Perham in my Ford Ranger which has 180,000 miles on the odometer but no problems to speak of. Five miles down the road, the air conditioner quit. Undaunted, we rolled down the windows and pressed onward.

Within twenty miles, I noticed the heat guage was going up. Not good. Now we had to turn on the heater to get the engine temperature down.

So, on the hottest day of the year, we are driving with the windows down and the heater on full blast.

After we arrived, I suspected that if the pickup cooled down all would be well. Other experts concurred. So after dark, when it had cooled down to about 82 degrees, I started the pickup. Sure enough, the air conditioner worked beautifully.

For five miles. Then the heat guage went up again, the air conditioner shut off, the windows went down--and after ten more miles, the heater had to come on to keep the engine temperature down.

So, it was a grueling trip. Good to get back into the air conditioned house, although the air conditioner is having a time keeping up.

Today, off to Union Lake for an employee party. I jumped in the lake even though I hate water. We played some good volleyball games and tossed frisbee. Great food. Fun people. A good way to spend a hot day.