Twins 4 White Sox 3

Fun game tonight. Santana was pretty good against the American League's best-hitting line-up. Then the relievers came in and did their usual slamming of the door.

In the field, Michael Cuddyer was a plus, throwing out a runner at third from right field and making another diving catch. Jason Bartlett made a spectacular play at shortstop at an important time. All in all, another nice game. The Twins unbelievable streak of quality baseball continues.

Look for it to stop tomorrow when Carlos Silva takes the mound. He gave up 13 hits in less than five innings last week and then complained bitterly about getting yanked from the game. That takes gall. He's on his way out.

THIS WEEK, I am co-teaching a seminar for high school social studies and literature teachers in Thief River Falls. We meet for seven hours per day. We do take breaks for lunch, etc., but it still gets to be grueling. My role is to "facilitate." Gosh, I love that word. But it is nice way of teaching--all I am responsible to do, along with my colleague, is shape the discussion and prod it along if it gets slow.

We did a few hundred pages of reading in preparation--at least we were supposed to. The thing with these seminars is there aren't any tests or grades, so you really don't know who does what. It isn't my job to worry about it. These are adults, and these are continuing ed credits, so they get what they want out of them. For the most part, the participants are actively involved.

Then, I saw on my schedule that I am supposed to perform in Perham tomorrow evening for some sort of retired bankers group. That means that I will drive from TRF back home for a few minutes and a change of clothes before heading to Perham.

This performance will be on an electronic keyboard. Not my favorite, but I couldn't expect them to haul in a piano for 34 people.

RAIN--if only a little this afternoon. So nice to watch it fall. So fun to see the ground wet after weeks of drought. This rainfall wasn't enough to make a difference, but it is better than nothing.