Another hot one

Glad today was a Sunday. One-hundred degrees has almost the same effect on me as thirty below: I stay inside. Every time I stepped out the door, I was greeted by a wall of heat that was unbearable--so I ducked back inside and enjoyed the day.

When the Twins, who weren't on TV today, looked flat and Santana couldn't find the strike zone, I decided that I didn't want my Sunday clouded up by a loss to the Tigers--so I shut the radio off. You Twins fans have me to thank for the Twins' miraculous 8th inning rally which gave them the win. It would never have happened if I had kept listening.

Looked at the calendar and decided that if I am ever going to get down to a Twins game this year, it had better be now. In fact, if I ever am going to take a little summer vacation, it is going to have to be now. So, technology kicked in. I went online, got a hotel, got some good seats at the next three Twins games, and suddenly, within fifteen minutes, the trip was not only planned out, but it was already on the credit card.

The games are against Texas. They are a good hitting team, but free swinging. Liriano should slice them up on Wednesday afternoon. And their starting pitching is atrocious. I would prefer to watch the Twins play a team where Mauer, Morneau and the boys can do their thing than watch them struggle against the aces of the best team in baseball, the Tigers.

Of course, the games against the Tigers were great games. For the first time since 1992, the Twins drew over 120,000 for a three-game series. The fans were in good form. They even booed poor rookie Josh Rabe when he made his second throwing error of the game.

That's a little harsh. He's a rookie in about his fifth major league game. When Rabe came back to the dugout, he reportedly found it necessary to tell Gardenhire that he wasn't a "spaz." I am sure Gardenhire gave him a pat on the back.