Be careful what you wish for... might get it. I wrote below that I was going down to watch Texas because their pitchers were so bad that I would likely see some offense from the Twins. Well, I didn't expect a complete blowout. But that's what we got. The Twins won 15-2. Hunter and Rabe hit three-run homers.

So, the Texas infielders had plenty of time to wipe their noses on their sleeves during pitching changes. (I do wish that the league would mandate that all players wear their socks like Kinsler, the second from the right. That's how baseball players are supposed to look.)

Carlos Silva chalked up a nice performance. I don't know if it is because Texas is in a horrible slump and can't hit, catch or pitch, or if Silva is getting back on track.

Mauer starts his sweet swing. Picture-taking was somewhat inhibited by the screen behind home plate.

Much of the time, this was the view. Somebody coming back with yet another beer while Mauer bats in the background.

Here is the Lutheran Brotherhood building in downtown Minneapolis. Some architect got creative with all the slants. I guess all the glass started coming out at some time and they had to replace it.