You just have to laugh. The three games Twins games for which I bought tickets were three of the least dramatic, most boring games of the year. With the outcome all but decided in the first two innings, there was little drama and a lot of opportunity to just sit and visit--and activity which wouldn't require $40 seats.

Last night, I heard on the radio that Liriano was being scratched from today's start. So, the main reason I went to see the Twins in the first place had disappeared. So, even though I had tickets for the game, I had bought them to see Liriano, not Boof Bonser.

I don't like to waste groceries. Throwing out food galls me. But purchasing tickets for entertainment is a waste in the first place, so not using them when it appears that attending an event has lost its allure is hardly a waste--any more of a waste than purchasing a ticket in the first place. So, Lance and I decided not to go. Instead, we had a very nice Vietnamese meal with his brother, some Italian gelato and Starbuck's coffee with my sister, and we headed north.

The decision to skip the game was, unfortunately, justified. The Twins lost 10-2. Bonser was atrocious.

After filling up the pickup with supplies in Detroit Lakes, we headed north on Highway 59. Seven miles north of DL, it became apparent that there was going to be a nice sunset off to the left. When we reached the top of a big hill, we pulled over and took pictures for about a half-an-hour. This one was my favorite.

As you can see, the grain dust is really hanging in the air. No wonder a lot of people, including myself have the sniffles. Makes for good sunsets, though.