Taking advantage of the drought

Today, I ventured out into the swamp in front of the house with the Cat. Most of the swamp has dried up to nothing. The collapse of a beaver dam which kept the water in, plus the drought, has emptied the swamp in all but one area.

So, I can now drive safely in summer where two winters ago I put the skid steer through the ice in three feet of water.

The drought is kind of sad. Weeds are growing up around the edge of the swamp.

So, I have been getting some of the firewood around the edges of the swamp. Today I made a trail with the Cat around the swamp so that I can easily walk around with the chainsaw tomorrow and saw some of the more tantalizing standing dead ash.

Then, I set out on digging out a little pond in front of my house. Until today, that area has been reed grass. I think if I scrap off about a foot of the reed grass and the underlying peat that when the drought ends, I will have a little open water just below the crow's nest.

I tried the same trick last month and buried the Cat good. But today things went fine. I have a huge pile of dirt and reed canary grass off to the side of my house. I can always take care of that later. But I won't always be able to get at the swamp to clear a few things out.

I walked across the swamp this evening. The birds were atwitter. I heard a familiar call which seemed a bit out of place, and sure enough there were three chickadees fitting around on some dead ash trees. I always thought they moved north of here in the summer, but I guess they stick around and disappear into the woods.

THE TWINS returned to earth tonight, getting pounded by Detroit. I couldn't bear to watch the game once Liriano fell apart. Detroit is so very tough. Their success is completely attributable to their manager, Jim Leyland. They have no particularly strong personalities on the team to lead them. A couple of their players have even been considered bad apples in other towns. So, it was a trick by Leyland to get them to play together so very well.

I DON'T often comment here about world affairs. I don't have much to say. That doesn't mean I am not watching what is going on in the Mideast. I have been reading way more news than I care to admit. It isn't encouraging. There is a lot of bloodlust out there. There aren't a lot of statesmen available. Who on the scene has the stature or the will to pull the rabbit out of the diplomatic hat? I see nobody at all.