Big win for the Twins

The Twins beat the mighty Detroit Tigers tonight 4-2. Coming on the same day that Francisco Liriano was put on the disabled list, the victory showed that the Twins are not going to give up just because they lost their best pitcher. Any team which has Santana and a revived Radke is going to continue to be a threat.

Scary thing with Liriano. When a young pitcher develops arm problems, you never know if they can work through it. The injury could nag him constantly, rendering him undependable. Or, he could fight through it. No team is more careful how they use pitchers than the Twins, so they'll be erring on the side of caution.

Joe Mauer continues to amaze. He's batting .367 and the season is almost two-thirds over. Plus, he is obviously the heart and soul of this team. Torii Hunter still tries to act like Mr. Team Leader--advising the front office through the media on possible trades and call-ups from the minor leagues ("I want Garza up here now," he said last week)--but he's become sort of a sad joke. The media loves him because he always has a good quote, the same reason his teammates must find him difficult to endure.

Last winter, Hunter was infuriated when the Twins hired unknown Joe Vavra as their hitting coach after a disasterous offensive season last year. "He has nothing to teach me," Hunter said, in a classy welcoming statement.

Now, Vavra is getting credit for disciplining the Twins hitters into a formidable offensive threat. Everybody thinks he's done a great job. Will Hunter retract? I doubt it.

I have never been a Brad Radke fan, but he sure is a treat to watch when he's on his game. Like a machine. Now if Santana could get back in a good rut. We'll see about that tomorrow night.