Family night

Here's Aunt Olla dancing with Fertile Hilton staff member Darlene this evening. Joe and I provided music during the family night picnic at the Hilton. Olla doesn't look here as if she'll turn 95 next month, but that's what the calendar says. Photo by Lance.

TWINS LOST tonight to Toronto. If they're going to lose, it might as well be 5-0 rather than 2-1. Silva pitched well. Tomorrow night, another phenom, Matt Garza, makes his debut. I won't be able to watch. I will be performing in Terrace, MN at the Pope Art Gallery, so named because it is in Pope County.

The Pope Art Gallery is a nice venue. It is a former country church which now serves as the residence of historian Merlin Peterson who renovated the building into a little concert venue and art gallery. I have performed there twice before, always to a wonderful and lively group. I look forward to it. I have more experience under my belt now than when I last performed there two years ago. I was kind of shaky at that time.

Terrace is a rustic little town with an old mill, a stream, and a pond with a waterfall. Very charming.