Open House

Today was the open house at the gardens. I am exhausted. Nice to meet some of you weblog readers!

Aunt Olla spent several hours out at the nursery on leave from the Fertile Hilton. She has no trouble finding people with whom to chat. Below, she talks with nursery employee Lyla.

Lyla catches me taking photos, and expresses her chagrin.

Aunt Olla, who is even more opposed to photos than Lyla, shakes her cane at me in a threatening manner.

Realizing that I am going to just keep taking pictures until they both get used to the fact, Olla and Lyla consent to pose.

The story behind the photos: Seventy-five years ago, Olla was Lyla's school teacher in a one-room schoolhouse about five miles from the nursery. Lyla went on to become a teacher herself in the one-room school.

For how many more years are we going to be able to talk to former teachers in one-room schools?

THE DAY went well. Joe and I performed three times. By the third time, my voice was gone. But we did some new songs, which went well, and we did more songs than usual combining the piano and the guitar. It is fun to get the hang of that. When you have two instruments going you aren't quite as out there on a limb.

No idea how many people came through, but we finished off 50 dozen donuts without trouble.

Friends Jim and Phyllis brought me a copy of today's Grand Forks Herald, which contained an article objecting to a recent column of mine. Upon reading the article, I wasn't offended. It probably is good PR.

My column appears on Saturdays in the Herald in a tabloid section called "Neighbors." It does not appear on the Herald's website. However, objections to my column have appeared on the editorial page, and also on the website!

So, reading the objections might encourage people to actually look for the original, which can't be a bad thing.