Twins 4 Indians 1

Santana was on tonight. The only disappointment was that Gardenhire didn't let him finish the game. After Santana came off the mound in the eighth with a 1-0 lead, Gardenhire told him he was done.

The Twins got three more runs in the bottom of the eighth, and so when closer Joe Nathan came in, he had four runs to work with instead of one. Oddly, Nathan does worse with a big lead. He gave up a run, but the game was never in question.

Only now do I read in the Tribune that Santana is pitching with a blister and a broken fingernail. You want to give a blister time to heal, so no wonder Gardenhire pulled Santana out.

MACHINERY ILLNESSES: Our Cat loader has been suffering from a bacterial infection in the fuel tank which gunks up the fuel line. Four visits from the mechanic and a bottle of anti-bacterial medicine have not solved the problem. So, my project of cutting wood in the swamp was put on hold, as was the canary grass elimination program out in front of the house. Both require a machine with tracks due to the boggy ground.

Instead, I went out to cut wood for a bit. Two trees down, the chainsaw quit and wouldn't start. I am now completely stymied.

Earlier in the morning, I did successfully clean the office area. It tend to build up with things. Empty boxes. Signs for plants. Magazines. Catalogs. Warm clothing left on the hangers from winter. Stacks of books. All covered in a layer of fine grit from the dry weeks.

It was fun to clean. Always is. I like to have the place to myself when I clean so there is nobody to holler at me when I try to throw something away. I chucked a whole box of catalogs nobody will miss, at least until they read this weblog and discover them gone--then I'll catch it.

Whenever I start aggressively cleaning, I know that I am putting something else off: I should be working on preparing the syllabus for the class I am teaching this fall, but it is much more fun to clean. The syllabus will get done--probably in a total of two to three hours--but only after about three weeks of miserable procrastinating, during which time I will do a lot of cleaning, cutting of fire wood and clearing of swamp grass.