Clouds and rain

We haven't had many overcast, rainy days this summer. In fact, this probably is the first one. Such days provide a nice respite from the heat. In addition, they create a welcome change in mood--welcome, at least, as long as it doesn't last for a week.

The Fertile Journal had a nice article yesterday with some pictures of the open house at the gardens on Saturday. Twyla took my word for it that there were 1,000 people in attendance. We have no way of knowing, of course. Last year, we guessed 1,200. For some reason, everybody, including me, is very curious about how many people came--to the extent that a few of us spent some time debating which would be the best way to count. I think hiring somebody to stand at the top of the drive and keep a tally would be about the best way.

We went through 600 donuts. However, it doesn't seem like everybody takes a donut, and of course some take two or more. So that isn't an accurate way of counting. La La homemade ice cream was for sale, too, and that might have been enough sugar for some people.

JUST GOT AN EMAIL NOTICE from a high school friend of a change of address. She and her husband are moving to the country where they now have an address, 56390 369th Street (numbers slightly altered to protect the innocent). The house number is bigger than the zip code. I wonder how many people can say that? And if you multiply the house number by the street number, you get a 21,500,000 or so. Pretty impressive. And they live on a farm with a barn and cows and chickens.