Win some, lose some

When the mail came today, I got a letter forwarded from the Grand Forks Herald asking its editors how long they were planning to carry the "childish rantings" of "that Eric Bergeson." The letter was in reference to a recent column I wrote about going to a Twins game in which I wrote disparaging remarks about Boof Bonser (who did fine tonight, by the way).

"Haven't you ever had tough times, Eric Bergeson? Think long and hard about that! Some people aren't always perfect like you!"

The letter was anonymous, signed only, "A GF Herald reader of 45 years."

Then, tonight an nice email from the editor of the Morris, MN Sun Tribune setting up the details so they can carry my column on a weekly basis. Very nice! Since I don't actively solicit newspapers for syndication, when one calls it is a happy occasion.

WHAT A FUN game tonight. I sat through it from start to finish. The Twins won 7-3. Bonser did tolerably well. The bullpen was fantastic, as usual, and Team Leader Torii Hunter got a couple of big hits. It is always great to defeat the big bad White Sox.

Jason Tyner got three hits. He is now approaching 1,000 major league at-bats without a home run. Even so, he is proving to be a real pest to opponents. Tonight, he dropped a picture perfect bunt past the pitcher down the first base line for a base hit at an important time. Last year, the Twins couldn't bunt worth squat--now, with the addition of two expert bunters, Tyner and Castillo, as well as a third and unlikely bunting afficiando in Joe Mauer, the Twins are exploiting that exciting but underutilized strategy.

Morneau now has 106 runs-batted-in. That is a good amount for a full season, and we have forty-something games remaining. He could threaten to put up Killebrew numbers for the year if he keeps it up.

Michael Cuddyer is an asset in right field. That, after he was put out there earlier this season just to get his bat in the line-up. He has thrown out nine runners this season. Eleven assists in a season by an outfielder is usually enough to lead the league. So, he has probably played well enough in right field to throw the team an extra game over the course of the season, a very valuable contribution. Has to be satisfying for Cuddyer who is finally coming into his own four years after he was called up as a can't-miss rookie. They stuck him out in right field during the playoffs against Oakland in 2002 and the first thing he did was throw the ball fifteen feet over the catcher's head.

Lew Ford has been out of the picture. Sad to see his role decline. He will not be back next year, I am afraid.

Pat Neshek has been lights out. Plus, he keeps his fans up to date on his mail and other interesting items on his weblog. This guy's a gem.

Radke's arm hurts him so much that he can barely brush his teeth. He doesn't do any throwing between starts. Yet, he has been pitching some of his best baseball. Each start could be his last. We will see how he does tomorrow night.