Summer winds down

Ah, the lazy days of late summer. Harvest in the nursery business is in the spring. By fall, we are winding down. So, I have the luxury of spending the day as I did today, putzing on the Cat loader doing improvements in infrastructure. I hauled rock, firewood, and muck from the swamp.

Ten days from now, there is a Bergeson family reunion at the nursery. Over 52 Bergesons (including attached others and offspring) will covene. One of the parties will be at the Swamp Castle. So, I am trying to wind up some of the messier outdoor projects by then.

THE TWINS are beating Baltimore handily at this writing. Looks as if they will take two of three from the Orioles. That is good news. The best news is that two rookie pitchers, Matt Garza and Boof Bonser, will have provided some good scoreless innings for the Twins. Maybe the Twins don't need Liriano in the rotation to keep winning.

Pat Neshek pitched well last night. Six pitches, three outs. So, what does he write about on his weblog today? The crucial issue of whether baseball cards packages should include inserts. Neshek is a real card collector, and if you read down a ways, he admits he doesn't know of any other major leaguers who are into card collecting--at least openly. Again, this guy's a complete gem, an eccentric in the mold of Mark Fidrych.