Superb game

Heaven for a Twins fan: The Twins rally from a 3-0 deficit to win 5-4 in the ninth in front of a screaming crowd in Chicago. Solid defense. Great relief pitching. Drama to the end.

Radke had to leave after only two innings because his arm was falling off, so the bullpen had to do its thing. Neshek gave up a home run to former Twin Pierzynski, but otherwise the bullpen was perfect.

Nathan made things dramatic in the ninth by giving up a single. The best Sox hitter, Jermaine Dye came to the plate with two out. He hit a pop foul which a fan reached out to catch--interfering with Justin Morneau, the first baseman, and resulting in the game-ending out.

Other good moments: Hunter hit a three-run homer to give the Twins a 4-3 lead after they showed little pop for the first five innings...Punto hit his first home run of the year...Castillo hit two infield singles, infuriating Sox manager Ozzie Guillen who taunted Castillo by mimicking his slashing swing on a trip to the mound...Gardenhire sent Ford in to run for White and the move paid off as Ford scored the winning run where White might not have, given the state of his legs...Pierzynski was his usual impossible self, fouling off pitch after pitch after pitch against Jesse Crain before finally flying out to center...Pierzynski's record is a 17-pitch at bat while he was with the Twins...and the best of all? Santana goes tomorrow night...and the Twins have finally taken over the wild card lead from the Sox.

IT WAS NICE to meet two of you faithful weblog readers at the gardens today. I was storekeeping again. Eight hours of putzing around. It was a nice day. A little rain during the night freshened things up, and there is a fall cool in the breeze which I really enjoy.

A bus arrived from a retirement center in Fargo. Several carloads came from Bemidji. One lady came for her second trip in two weeks from Moorhead.

A call came from a man who was dead set on killing every dandelion in his lawn. He wanted chemical and he wanted it now. He had a bottle in his hand when he called, and he wanted the same brand and the same everything.

So, I ran to the shelf and found that we had that brand, but it wasn't exactly what he wanted.

I instinctively don't like people (read: men) who go on rampages against dandelions as if they're in some sort of war. So, I dreaded this man's arrival.

He didn't disappoint. He paced around, demanding ratios and numbers and teaspoons-per-gallon statistics, and finally it came out that our spray was priced four times per ounce what he bought elsewhere in bulk.

Well, I said, there's nothing I can do. I am not coming down on the price as it was printed on the bottle at the factory and that's what we have to have. He left, saying he would have to wait until he could find it cheaper, which was fine with me.

He did not tour the gardens while he was here.

That's the downside of storekeeping. We carry weed killers as a service, not because we make money on it or even believe in their use. In fact, neither is the case. And then you have to deal with the driven, alpha male weed-killers who want to not only kill things, but want to drive a bargain in the process. And I just want to say, life is too short, please leave--but you've got to play the game.

Another couple came who is almost comically whiney. Oh my, how everything in their yard is so difficult and problematic and debatable. They marched in and said, "We have some questions!" to which I replied with a sigh, "I am sure you do."

Didn't phase 'em, they went on with the questions, and we settled the matters in amicable fashion. I actually enjoyed the interaction in the end, for they are nice people. Just a little on the over-concerned order.

Ha, another favorite: Some people asked for a tune on the piano, which is common, and I almost always oblige, but it is kind of funny when you turn around after finishing the tune to find the place empty. They left! Didn't think I was that bad.

Good things, too: People who've never been here who can't believe that there is a garden like this around. One woman marched into my office and said, "I feel so damn stupid! I have bought my plants from you for years, and I have never walked out in the yard and noticed the gardens!" Also, played piano for some people with kids, and it was fun to see the daughters, who take piano, enjoy the ragtime.