Gardens in evening

When I checked Channel 641 only to find that the Twins game was at 7:30 instead of 7:00 p.m., I decided to head up to the gardens for a few photos. Above are the lewd amaranthus, lording over all else, including the white nicotiana, or tobacco plant.

A few years back, a few area farmers were talked into raising Jerusalem artichokes. There was no market for the crop, but they sure are pretty with their purple, thistle-like blooms. In fact, artichokes are a thistle. Imagine, talking people into raising thistle.

Tall annuals are a favorite of Joe. This bed has three of the tallest: Cleome, canna and castor bean, in front of some of my favorite trees, Tower Poplar, with their white, vertical trunks.

The pond takes on many moods, depending upon what you line up in front of it. Here, the old oak which stood at the end of our yard when we lived in a trailer house where the gardens are now sets the pond off nicely.

The pond acts as a nice backdrop for the red castor bean as well. A man came into the office today with one of the prickly castor bean seed pods. "I want one of these," he said.

I told him he couldn't have them because we only sell them in spring. I said he would be free to have some of the beans, when they are ripe, but that each bean has enough poison to kill thirty-five people. He dropped the seed pod, which contains a few dozen seeds, in a hurry.

Late in the evening, the placid pond reflects the luminescent impatiens.

From the east end of the gardens, which were already in the shade, I took a panorama of the freshly mowed grass.

This pot of geraniums sitting kitty-wompus stands out in front of the stately trunks of the Tower Poplar.