Rejection is painful

A week or so ago, a woman called inviting me to get a Discover business card. She claimed that I would get 2% back on all gas purchases, so I listened instead of hanging up on her as I usually would. I decided to let her sign me up.

So, she asked a bunch of questions, including, "When was your business established?"

I said, "1937," and she said, "Whoa, congratulations!" I guess she doesn't deal with many businesses that have been around that long.

Well, yesterday I got a little computer-generated letter telling me my application for a Discover card was rejected. Stated reason for the rejection:

"Insufficient length of time since business has been established."

If I have any questions, I am supposed to call. I think I will, just to see just how long we have to be in business before we can get a Discover card.