Twins finally beat Royals

Uff da. After losing to the suddenly unhapless Royals two straight nights, Santana finally shut them down today. The Royals can be tough. The Twins got lucky in Kansas City a few weeks ago when they swept four straight; this week was a Royal revenge.

The Twins have looked like they were about to go down before. In fact, things look rough right now. Radke is not able to pitch. Liriano is still unable to pitch. Silva has been giving up home runs left and right. Castillo is injured. Mauer is scuffling, both at the plate and behind it. Morneau has slowed. Tyner has cooled off. Only Cuddyer is hot right now.

And now the Twins go into Yankee Stadium to face the mighty Yankees without either Radke or Santana on the mound. Looks grim.

But that's when the Twins have taken off throughout this season. Just when things look grim.