Family reunion

Apologies to you regular readers, but I have been so busy with the Bergeson family reunion, much of which was held at my house, that I have had no time to write.

Aunt Olla was the unofficial matriarch of the proceedings. Of course, it wasn't five minutes after she arrived before she was into the beer.

Olla begged me not to report her beer drinking in the weblog, and she gave the usual protests about how she only drinks 1/3 of a beer at a time, but I told her it was my duty to report to the world what was going on so that they can pray for her with greater accuracy.

No Bergeson reunion is complete without music. Here Joe plays a jig with Ingela, a real live Swede married to Cousin David.

With over fifty-five people on hand, the garage of the house was pushed into service as a dining hall.