Wasp got your tongue?

Got mine.

I was sipping coffee outside the gas station this afternoon in Fertile when, apparently, a wasp crawled into my coffee between sips. When I put the cup up to my mouth for the next sip, I got a wasp in my mouth. To defend itself, it stunk the side of my tongue.

Wow. That stung. I went across the street to the clinic to sit for a while in case I had an allergic reaction, but the tongue just got somewhat swollen. No indication of a deadly reaction. I started icing it and kept that up for the next seven hours, all through the Twins game which I watched at the home of my friends Grant and Cynthia. Any pause in the icing brought excruciating pain.

I hope this thing calms down enough so I can speak tomorrow. I am going to Williams, near Warroad, to speak to a master gardener gathering. I don't feel much like moving my mouth.

I have known people who have had their mouths radiated to rid them of cancer, and they had horrible pain. I am sure this is minor in comparison. But I do not suggest a wasp sting to the tongue as a way to spend one's evening.