Santana does it again

Whoa, what a fun game today. Santana was on, as ever. He just doesn't lose. He was furious with the home plate umpire for his restricted strike zone and took it out on the batters. When he became obviously miffed, he suddenly struck out six consecutive batters.

Now, the Twins find themselves only two games out of first place, the closest they have been since mid-April. Liriano comes back next week. Mauer's bat is waking up. Bonser is coming around. Things are looking pretty good.

Of course, just when they have started to look good before, some disaster hit. Radke went down. Silva puked. Liriano's arm got sore. Stewart's ankle gave out.

Whatever happens, this big turnaround by the Twins has been so unexpected that it will have been fun even if they don't make the playoffs.

As far as I am concerned, Santana, despite pitching no more than once every five days, is the Most Valuable Player on the team and in the league. Without him, the Twins would be nowhere. He is the indespensible one.

Liriano, the other whiz, pitched well last night in Rochester in his rehab stint. All that matters is that he be ready for the playoffs. If he is, whatever teams the Twins face in those short series will be in trouble.