Liriano goes down

Sad day in Twinsville. After much anticipation of Francisco Liriano's return from his sore arm, he pitched two innings, retired all the batters he faced, and then grimaced in pain after a pitch to ex-Twin Bobby Kielty. His arm popped. He is done for the season, and until they figure out what is wrong, who knows when or if he'll be back.

Here is a guy so loaded with talent that he was touted as "better than Santana" by batters who faced him. That is to say he was better than the best pitcher in baseball. Oh, the potential. And then, the sore arm. One hopes he can come out of it. As for the Twins, they now know what they have to do to finish out this season. Dreams of waltzing through the playoffs on the backs of the two best starting pitchers in baseball have been shattered. Santana, Bonser, Silva, Garza and the bullpen are going to have to carry the load.

THE STERLING FALL weather continues. Beautiful. I like to just stand outside and look at the changing colors and listen to the leaves rustle. Tomorrow, I will cut firewood.

Today my history lecture ran out of steam about thirty-five minutes in. I didn't have enough material prepared. We were covering a topic which bores me, the British mercantilist system, so no wonder I had a little trouble stretching things to the end of the hour.

Two years ago, I would have flipped out and babbled incoherently for twenty minutes to fill the hour. Now, I just let the class go early. Fifty minutes of lecture is a bit much, anyway. I told them that if they felt ripped off or short-changed, they should go talk to the dean. Actually, I don't know if there is a dean to talk to, so that's a safe thing to say. Of course, there is no threat of anybody taking up that challenge!

Twins fans in the class felt we should hold class in the lounge to keep up with Liriano. I said that would absolutely guarantee that something would go wrong so we couldn't do that under any circumstance. In fact, by that time, things had already gone wrong.

Attendance in classes so far has been very good. That sometimes changes after the first test if they figure out that they can pass without attending. I try to write the test so that doesn't happen, but there are always some smart alecks who can beat the system.

Smart alecks like me. When I attended college, I never went to class unless I knew it was needed to get an A. If I could get an A without attending a single class, and about 1/2 the time that was possible, I didn't attend. In those cases, the tests were taken entirely from the text. The lectures contributed nothing new. So, what was the use?

Well, what a waste of money that was. I could have shown up and engaged the professor in discussion or something to take advantage of the fact that I was in college!

Education is wasted on the young...

So, I have become the type of teacher I would have hated as a student.