Sunshine's back

What a beautiful day. Some places in the area had frost last night. Some places in the nursery yard froze as well, but the flowers were fine this morning.

At this writing, the Twins are attempting to overcome a 2-1 deficit against the Red Sox in Boston. It would be nice if they could, since the Tigers are beating the White Sox.

In the middle of writing that sentence, Torii Hunter hit a three-run home run. Twins lead 4-2. Wow. They are on a roll.

I HAVE GOTTEN some response on the most recent column about torture. One Republican wrote thanking me for writing it. I don't see it as a partisan issue, and it is gratifying to find that there are conservatives who see human rights as important, as I would expect.

The column appeared on the Crookston Times editorial page atop a pro-torture column by Cal Thomas. His point was we shouldn't be "squeamish" about how we treat people who would never in their lives give us good treatment.

I have heard this several times. Anti-torture people are "squeamish." They are naive. Columnist Thomas Sowell has made the same charge. Only wimps have any problem with putting the screws to terrorists.

But torture isn't only about the tortured. It is also about those doing the torture. People who torture are morally compromised for life, as are their superiors. Good grief, when the CIA people were giving people hypothermia, they had doctors on hand for the expressed purpose of getting the tortured people as close to death as possible without actually killing them. In at least 100 instances, they failed.

This is medieval crap. We shouldn't even be talking about it. It matters not one whit what kind of evil people we have in our custody. When they are in our custody, we have complete control over their destiny and we enter a moral universe with high standards and grave consequences.

Dick Gregory of NBC News had the guts to ask the President if such treatment as he wants us to use on detainees would be considered acceptable if given American POWs captured by North Koreans or Iranians. Bush bristled, evaded, got angry, and refused to answer. In the end, he insulted Gregory for the length of his question and refused a follow-up. He does not like to be asked specifics about what he calls "this program."

Oh, and we are hearing euphemisms galore: Tough questioning. Aggressive interrogation techniques. Information gathering programs. What baloney. It is torture plain and simple. I think these interrogations should be recorded and shown the voters to see if they pass the stench test. We're a democracy, and we have a right to see what our tax dollars are supporting.