Looks like the Twins are going to make the playoffs. If they do, a lot of credit will have to go to the starting pitchers who took over for LIriano and Radke when they went down. Boof Bonser is the best of the lot, but Carlos Silva has come back from a horrible early season to turn in four solid outings in a row, Matt Garza has looked good, and even Scott Baker turned in a good game.

The Twins have had many injuries, but they have continued to win due to their depth in the minor leagues. Neshek, Tyner, Bonser and Garza all spent most of the season in the minors. Reyes started there. Now, they are vital cogs in the wheel at the big league level.

I also did not expect Torii Hunter to come around. In fact, I thought he was washed up. Now he's hitting the cover off the ball. He isn't the center fielder he once was--not even close--but he isn't a liability, either.

If the Twins go into the playoffs, there will be no expectations from me. You can't trust a pitching staff which relies on one dependable starter. If the young pitchers plus Silva continue to be solid, it could be fun. If they fall apart under pressure in Yankee Stadium, it will be an unsightly mess.

In 2002, the Twins had a great bullpen, probably about as good as the one they have today. Well, it fell apart against the Angels in the second round of the playoffs. They gave up 10 runs in one inning to lose the final game. I couldn't bear to listen. It just went on and on.

The World Series will go to the hottest team, not necessarily the best team. The way the Twins are playing right now, that could be a good thing. They are hitting on all cylinders.