Aunt Olla's 95th

Unlike Aunt Olla's 90th birthday, which I tried to plan and after which attempt she said I was her "worst enemy," (apparently having coffee and cake in the common room of the apartment building where she lived wasn't her idea of a good time) she has taken complete charge of her 95th birthday.

It will be held at my house. Her schoolkids from District 29 will be the main guests of honor, but family will be invited as well. Angel food cake will be the main birthday cake, but there will be chocolate and perhaps a white cake as well. There will be buns with tuna salad on them spread very thickly, plus egg salad sandwiches. The people bringing those items have received specific instructions on the thickness of the spread as well as the nature of the buns.

From Minneapolis, friend Sybil will bring fresh papaya which will be sliced into cubes. It will be placed on a plate interspersed with cubes of fresh pineapple.

After lunch, there will be a program. I am to play a couple of classical numbers of my choosing. Joe and I will sing. Sybil will play. Other nieces will be performing, but since they haven't been informed of that yet, I will hold back here.

The party will run from 3 o'clock until at least six. I could tell that Olla was chagrined that I had a speaking engagement that evening, so I granted her permission for the party to run on after I had to leave at six. That seemed to be a relief. Perhaps she has something like eleven in mind, who knows.

During this time, she said she will be the teacher and it will be like old times (with her in charge of the classroom and the program). I didn't remind her that her schoolkids, now into their eighties, haven't in the recent past been prone to manipulation. For instance, the last time they came out to the nursery, Olla had visualized them all having coffee and donuts--but some of them had the gall to buy a can of pop instead. Infuriating. "They don't listen to me at all," she fretted.

After I was informed of the birthday plans in their full detail, Olla said, "..and that will be the last. After that, I can die in peace." But that was the same thing she said after last spring's Syttende Mai bash at the Fertile Hilton. I reminded her of that. "How can you be so mean?" she said.

Olla's birthday is September 28th (send cards to Olive Burton, 300 Garfield SE, Fertile, MN 56540), but the celebration can't be held until the 5th of October due to scheduling conflicts.

This website will likely feature frequent updates and a full report. Perhaps a column will result, as happened last year with Olla's rummage sale.

THE SUMMIT MEETING for the birthday party was held over coffee at the Fertile Hilton today. Aunt Ede, friend Sybil, Olla and I were in attendance. The meeting followed a performance at the Hilton by Sybil (who drove up from Anoka special) on the piano and the Gunderson boys of Ada and Hendrum on accordian and mandolin, a performance organized by Olla.

I was informed on Wednesday that I was to emcee the event, but I couldn't get there until 2:30 due to class this afternoon. After I refused to "find some sort of substitute" to teach my class so I could arrive at the Hilton on time, Olla had the event delayed until I could get there.

Olla's ninety-five and on a serious roll. You can't argue with that, I guess!