Fall photo safari

Photographer friend Bruce called me up to go on a photo shoot on this perfect fall day. We drove around on the gravel roads between Maple and Union lakes. Above, in the center of the photo is a white birch which has turned a buttery yellow. Maples make up the woods to the left.

Here Bruce gets down to the level of a snake. Bruce occasionally blew towards the snake, and it would immediately perk up and head in his direction. Apparently, the new scent rouses their curiousity.

Here, several cormorants gather after a swim. Two of them held their wings out to dry for an extended time.

This bug camoflauged nicely on the leaf of a pin oak.

This pin oak leaf was attacked by mites at some time early this spring. The resulting wart-like growths are ugly, but harmless.

Haven't seen swans since my swamp drained out. This family was intact and floating around. Papa was out of the picture.

This mourning dove perched atop a spruce until we scared it off.

Here is the very definition of "exfoliating" bark, this on a white birch.

The maple have turned at least 10 days earlier than normal this year. In my opinion, the color is almost as good as any other year. Often, droughts cause less color. This year's drought was the drought which didn't happen--crops were good, colors are good, and nobody knows why. We only had a couple of inches of rain the entire season.