Breakfast with the Wolves

Well, not exactly. There was a beautiful buffet laid out in the hotel restaurant, but that was for the Wolves. I had to order off the menu. Blogging nurserymen get no respect.

The attention of the cooks and waitrons was diverted, to say the least. My waitress was so distracted--starstruck?--that she forgot this and forgot that. The cooks were clearly preoccupied with catering to the needs of the Wolves. Again, I felt like shouting, "Don't you know who I am? I have a weblog read by dozens! I am a budding motivational speaker! When I start selling books and tapes on late night television you're going to wish you got me my omlette on time!"

But I saved my breath.

The kid in the buffet line who was making custom omlettes for the Wolves couldn't help himself. After loading a big omlette on Kevin Garnett's plate, he went around the corner, did a fist pump and high-fived a waitress.

I have the morning to consider my motivational speech. I keep thinking about Chris Farley, the late great actor on Saturday Night Live. He used to do skits where he was a low-life who was attempting to get his life going by becoming a motivational speaker. Hilarious.