The national comedy

Unfortunately, the national news is all about this Foley thing. We are fighting a war which probably isn't being run very well, our military people are dying every day, and the only thing which captures the imagination of the voters enough to get them upset is a very creepy congressman.

Who do you blame? The news organizations for filling their airwaves up with irrelevant but compelling trash? The audiences who are so interested in trash?

I think we need divided government again for a while. We need one bunch of clowns to offset the other bunch of clowns. The Founding Fathers, especially Madison, said as much: This government is bound to be taken over by clowns. All we can do is set the clowns against each other.

Tomorrow in class we are going over the writing of the Constitution. In one day. I am going to demand that my students understand the Electoral College for the next test. I am biased, and I will announce that I am strongly in favor of keeping the Electoral College. It is the only way to avoid the huge disaster of a close national election decided by popular vote.

Can you imagine the chaos in 2000 if the national vote tally was as close as it was in Florida and the winner was determined not by the Electoral College but by popular vote? There would have been lawyers fighting over hanging chads from coast to coast! They might have even come out to Bear Park Township to contest our handwritten ballots! Heck, if they picked up a vote or two in every precinct, it could sway the whole thing.