Aunt Olla asked if I would stop by the Fertile Hilton today to pick up some excess fish that she had on hand from a trip to the casino with her niece Monica on Monday. Seems they got the wrong order at the restaurant and to make up for it, the nice ladies there fixed her up with more fish than she could handle.

Olla wishes to emphasize that they just went there to eat. Not one thin dime went in a slot machine.

I had to teach first and then attend a meeting, so by the time I got to the Hilton, Olla was pretty worried. As usual, the fish wasn't the only item on the agenda.

Olla had the ladies bring a coffee pot and cookies down to the room in preparation for my arrival and the business meeting she had planned between the two of us.

The business? On the bed were spread out all of Olla's antiques. I don't know where she'd been storing them, but there they were, spread out on the bed as if they were on auction. I finally figured out what was going on. On our trip last week I had tried to explain the concept of Ebay to Olla. She was intrigued. Apparently, she decided to divest her things. That is, the things she didn't sell at her rummage sale.

Well, I don't know how to run Ebay, so I am a poor one to auction off Olla's necklaces, silver spoons, lipstick cases and watches. But she insists that she wants me to try to find out what these things are worth.

Many of the items you would think might have some sentimental value to her. For example, there is a heart locket that was given to Olla by a boyfriend I never heard of that she had during World War II. He served in France. He also sent her a silver bracelet from Paris. The locket was a cute little thing. It had a prop on the heart, indicating that the man was a pilot.

I asked Olla if she didn't have some sentimental attachment to these items. No way, none whatsoever, she wants to see what they can fetch on Ebay.

I think Olla has been watching the Antiques Roadshow too much. In any case, she has Ebay fever. I am not sure how to proceed.