Starting a fire

The guys got my wood stove moved into a position more agreeable to the insurance company today. Now it is 80 feet from the house. A nice walk. Tonight, I fired it up.

When heating with wood, I can turn the temps up a bit without guilt that I am running up the electric bill. Plus, the scent of wood burning is a cozy thing.

So, I got the stove going just in time for a little warm spell which is going to happen next week. We'll take what comes. If it gets back into the 50s, that would be fun.

YESTERDAY, I conducted my first interview for the Halstad project. Larry Macleod is former athletic director at Moorhead State University. He is in his mid-eighties. He was assistant coach at Halstad in 1952.

What a kind gentleman. We talked about 90 minutes. He had a sharp memory for the people and their character. He remember difficult coaching lessons he learned, and told me about what shaped his coaching philosophy. "Work hard and good things will happen."

True to form, he had no memories of actual games. You get the impression they weren't that important to him. I brought up several big games, but no luck there. That's fine, I got some good stories from him.

I came home and downloaded the audio from the interview into I-tunes on my computer. I ran the recording and transcribed it by typing on the computer. I had no problem whatsoever keeping up. Why? Because I talked more than Macleod did! I was supposed to be doing the interview, but instead of collecting stories, we exchanged them.

Nothing quite so humbling as listening to one's self on tape.

After interviewing Macleod, I went to Trinity Lutheran in Moorhead to speak to a caregivers conference. I have done a few of these before. It is a deal where Lutheran Social Services provides a day of respite for people who are taking care of sick relatives in their home. Somebody is sent to the home to take care of the loved one, and the caregivers spend the day eating and getting entertained.

I made it in time for lunch. Got talking to an elderly lady next to me. I told her about the Halstad project. She was from Ada, and she said, "oh man, they had a good team in 1952!" Then she rattled off the names of the starting five. That surprised me.

I spoke on gardening to the group. The caregivers at these conferences are, as you might imagine, tired. It was just after lunch, so some of them nodded off, which didn't offend me in the least.