Comedy, cont.

A weblog reader sends in this fun link to a group which stages public pranks of a harmless but fun nature just to see what the reaction will be. For example, they sent 150 people into a Home Depot. At a predetermined time, all of them went into slow motion.

When I went to college in the Twin Cities, about 10 of us once dressed up in three piece suits and went to Rosedale Mall. We had two briefcases. We split up and walked the mall. When one of us would spot another with the briefcase, we would pass each other and exchange the briefcase without talking.

Well, ten minutes after we started, security was up in arms but was really unsure what to do. The employees from the stores (it was a quiet day) came out to watch.

The funniest moment for me was when I was summoned into a cubicle to take a marketing survey. I had the briefcase at the time. I sat down, and set the briefcase by the door.

About two minutes into the survey, a hand reached in and took the briefcase. The woman administering the survey screamed and pointed at the door. I just said, "that's okay," and motioned for her to go on with the survey. I managed to keep a straight face, and she was flummoxed for the rest of the interview.

One of the security guards later talked to one of the guys. He said, "I thought we had a problem until I saw the guy with the bright red tie. Then I knew it was a joke." Unfortunately, the guy with the bright red tie was me.

After I that school, the same group made a bunch of "welcome home" signs--with no specific name on them, of course--and went to the airport where they waited for somebody to come down the ramp who was obviously alone and had nobody to meet them. No word on how that turned out.