Santana wins Cy Young

He deserved it. I still don't think he was as good this year as he was two years ago. He was only comfortable in about half his games. Some of the others featured more walks than usual and a high pitch count.

Santana's just going to get better. I am already looking forward to watching him pitch next season.

Meanwhile, Liriano had surgery on his arm. He will be out for 18 months. Even then, a comeback isn't certain. Most pitchers who return from Tommy John surgery come back better than before, but there are a few who never recover. One reason pitchers might do well after the surgery is that the rehab process is so grueling that it is like they have gone through boot camp--for over a year. Once they get through that ordeal, a bases-loaded nobody-out jam is nothing. They just feel lucky to be pitching!

The Boston Red Sox paid $51 million simply for the right to negotiate with Japanese pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka. That's nuts. It is also only slightly less than the Twins' annual payroll. My days of rooting for the Sox are over, although I still love Fenway and always will.