Swamp Drama

I have been outside most of the day today, probably the most beautiful November day one could ever imagine. It is perfectly still. I can hear the trains 10 miles away. And the birds.

While walking around the swamp, I saw a weasel playing in the reeds. I ran and got my camera.

I was happy to get this posed shot. Weasels don't sit still for long, and this one was jumping back and forth.

Suddenly I found out why the weasel was so excited. A big plump vole broke out from the reeds and made a break for it across the swamp floor, which I scraped clean earlier this summer.

Run, vole, run!

Weasel was right behind.

Jump, weasel, jump!

Within fifteen seconds of the first picture above, the weasel had a meal. And I was lucky enough to be there to catch it!