Sunday photo safari

I don't think I have ever seen Flame Willow looking so good. The orange trees above, in case you haven't seen previous pictures on this website of this same row of trees, are Flame Willow along the driveway of nursery employee Sharon Fealy. Grandpa selected the tree for its perfect round growth and outstanding winter color. Both are on display here.

The tilled fields look corduroy in the setting sun. Lance and I stopped along the Fertile-Winger road to take a few pictures near the Morvig farm. Chester stopped by to see what we were up to. He said he'd lived on the farm all his life, "except for four years Uncle Sam took."

He meant World War II.

"They came and said, 'We need three volunteers. We'll take YOU and YOU and YOU! Now go over and kill those bastards!"

Chester was in the Navy. I asked him whether he was in the Pacific or the Atlantic. "Both!" he replied.

"We went through the Panama Canal on Christmas Eve of 1944. We were getting bitten by mosquitoes. Bing Crosby was singing White Christmas. We wanted to shoot him!"

This beautiful lake is on Chester's property. This summer, I counted as many as seventy swans there.

Another mile or two down the road we found another corduroy field.