Goodbye to Wy

An old friend of Grandpa's, another first-generation nurseryman, Wy Sheppard has passed away at age 92. Wy was a colorful character, like all those old nurserymen. The wry look on his picture captures perfectly what little I knew of Wy's personality.

UPDATE: Weblog reader Mary writes:

Reading of Wy Sheppard's death in today's blog brought fond memories of when Wy was our "across the back fence" neighbor in Grand Forks. He was a wonderful gardener who shared his love of gardening and was a good neighbor in all the ways that make for good neighbors. And he was uniquely himself!

After the flood of 1997, my husband and I moved to Detroit Lakes and Wy and Alice moved to Reeves Drive. The loss of neighborhood was one of the saddest results of the flood.