Summoned to the Hilton

Aunt Olla called for me to come in an deliver some burn medication to the Hilton. Seems she orders her milk-toast with extra hot milk. The nursing home staff reluctantly prepares it as she wishes, but then their worst fears came true: Olla spilled a little of the hot milk on her arm.

The burn was minor, but not in the eyes of the staff. In fact, everybody soon knew about the milk burn and Olla had to try to calm down the furor. One nurse, a reader of this weblog, speculated that Olla was smoking in bed. It was a joke, and Olla loved it.

So, as usual, Olla said the whole burn experience has been a blast.

Not so fun has been the peer pressure Olla feels to go to Bible Study. Bible Study is at 10:15 in the morning, just when Olla is busiest with correspondence and other duties. But the pressure continues. "They think they're going to save me!" Olla says, although I think she still feels guilty.

Olla prefers afternoon devotions when they "read Guideposts or something." It is more laid back. No sermons.

Olla hoards the cookies the staff brings for afternoon coffee and gives them to me when I visit. She hasn't gotten as many lately, so today there were only three. They were neatly wrapped in a napkin with a bow.

The other item of business: In today's local paper, there was a picture of a woman eating spaghetti. Olla's point? "If they ever put a picture like that of me in the paper, somebody's going to pay!"

Just so Olla doesn't forget any of the things she was going to tell me, she lines notes and other items up on her bed before I visit. She has to do this because she still can't afford memory pills.