Old pictures

Not much to do today, so I sat down and sorted through the pictures I have been posting over the past three years.

When you post pictures on the web, people from around the world are free to find them and use them. The most popular one for public consumption, according to my web-tracking program, has been this shot of the Golden Gate Bridge. One girl from California wrote and asked if she could use it in a report for school. Most people just put it on their website without asking, which is fine.

Just the other day, somebody used this shot of the Mexico City Post Office to fight back against a nasty person who had posted a comment on a website that Mexico was a "****hole." I am glad that I could be of service fighting that notion!

A weblog written in a language I couldn't understand by a young kid included this picture of my swamp through the window in the rain. Another rainy window shot, this one through the windshield of my pickup, has been used by a couple of websites.

A kid in the Phillipines named Marvin Ford has used this picture of the logo on our old Ford truck taken after a freezing rain last winter as the background for his personal website.

Somebody in Colorado used this picture of my living room in a brochure for a realty company. They promised to send me a copy of the picture after it was published, but I haven't heard anything yet.

My favorite pictures are of wildlife. The swans have been a constant subject, and this shot during the mating season last spring is still my favorite. Never thought a turtle would make a nice picture, but this one is a favorite. And even though this picture of wood ducks was taken in low light and from a great distance, I like how the patterns turned out.

Travel pictures are fun to take. On the way to Minot this spring, I happened upon the Denbigh School along US Highway 2. I love the isolation of the building, as well as its good condition.

Arizona is good for color. Pottery entices me, as do the fantastic colors at the Tucson Museum of Art. Back home, the stained glass windows of Faaberg Lutheran Church in Rindal really glow at sunset.

Of all the pictures I took of my house as it was being built and afterwards, this one is my favorite. I enjoy taking pictures of buildings, like this law office in Grand Forks at sunset. The Student Union at the University of Arizona in Tucson intrigued me to no end.

Famous scenery is easy to photograph. Mt. Shasta is a favorite. And seeing my pickup nestled amongst the Redwoods is one way to appreciate their size. Central Park in New York City is difficult to portray in pictures. This is as close as I came.

As much as I don't like winter, sometimes there pops up a scene which is irresistibly pastel.

I even like taking pictures of flowers every now and then. But not that often!

Oh, yesterday, the web-tracking program showed that this sunset picture Lance took in Tucson, which I posted here, is being borrowed by a woman for her website. Ahem. After using the picture to show how beautiful Tucson is, she went on to show pictures of how much fun she had in her hotel room in Tucson. Move over, Paris Hilton! Not that I am a prude, but I just can't justify linking to her website on this family-oriented channel.