Drove to Thief River Falls today to speak to a high school class. On the way, I stopped in at the Fertile Hilton to chat briefly with Aunt Olla.

Of course some gremlin went and printed out my entry about Olla avoiding Bible study and gave her a copy. Olla takes it all in good humor, but I guess I have to realize this weblog is a public forum and I had better not go into detail about her beer drinking and other problems even if I am merely expressing concern and requesting prayer.

Got home tonight to find a message on my machine to call her when I got home. It was nine o'clock, so I figured she would be in bed, but I called anyway, and yes, she was asleep, but didn't mind at all that I called. Now, if I had been trying to sell her something, that would have been a different story.

While we were talking, she turned on the light and found that the staff of the Hilton had placed apple juice and a snack on her tray while she was asleep. "They are spoiling me!" she protested. She just can't imagine how she could have it any better.

Aunt Ede was in and fixed up Olla's room with Christmas decorations, for which Olla was grateful. Olla thinks Ede is the Eighth Wonder of the World, and if you've ever seen Aunt Ede in action, you would be inclined to agree I am sure. If I ever have one third her energy, I will be unstoppable.

THIS WEBLOG is really little more than a gossip column where I report my daily doings for all to read, the very thing I was protesting in my column this week. Never thought of it--millions of people are now posting their daily affairs online and that, not any increased sense of dignity or privacy, is what is replacing small-town gossip columns. We're still just as vain, we just no longer have to go through some reporter to get our stories out for all to see. The more things change, the more they stay the same...