Lake Region Garden Club

Tonight, I spoke in Detroit Lakes to the Lake Region Garden Club. There must have been sixty people there, both men and women.

I complimented one of the ladies on having a garden club with male participation. "Oh, they're good to come to the potlucks!" she said.

What food. And they served it on the largest plastic plate I have ever seen, a styrofoam rectangle with five compartments. Plus, I got to be at the front of the line, a privilege I have never yet turned down.

Ate too much. When I tried to play and sing, I was on the edge of a burp the whole time. Miserable. Even speaking about gardening was a little much with that much food in my stomach.

But speaking about gardening is always fun.

Yesterday, I went to Bemidji to speak to some Lutheran women. Again, about sixty. I was the only male. They had a brief business meeting. I decided to loudly second the motion to approve the treasurer's report.

I was to talk about Christmas memories, a new topic. So, I read some columns out of my books which dealt with Christmas, well aware that my cynicism about the Holiday was probably a bit much. I tried to leaven the columns with lighter stories in between.

It went fine, and I sold every book I had in my pickup afterwards and have to mail out seven more to people tomorrow. Now that's fun.

To complete the weekend, I had some friends and neighbors over last night. Four of my students showed up as well. The Swamp Castle is a good place for a party. The women congregated in the living room where they discussed candles and drapes. The men hung out in the garage and burped. A good time was had by all.